Segway Blast

Embark on an exhilarating adventure with our Segway Blast experience! Clad in top-notch safety gear, you'll receive expert guidance through a brief training session, gearing up for a thrilling ride on the rally track. Whether under the watchful eye of our skilled instructors or exploring freely, you'll command the Segway with finesse. Capture your unforgettable moments with a professional photographer, and relive the excitement by purchasing your cherished snapshots. Join the draw now for a chance to be part of this futuristic thrill ride!
Location: Nation Wide
Pass for the activity: E-GIFT VOUCHER
Number of places available: 5
Selection date: 06/05/2024
Value of the activity: £20
Segway Blast - Photo 1
Segway Blast - Photo 2 Segway Blast - Photo 3
Dynamic Earth
Edinburgh EH8 8AS
London E8 4DT
Nation Wide
Nation Wide
Nation Wide