Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Object

MIS Group, private company limited with a capital of 10 000 pounds based in United House, North Road, London N7 9DP and registered under number 655 07 25 organise the participation to surveys through the website Mystery Day Out The participation is free and without any purchase required. Read more about member privacy policy.

Article 2 - Membership Conditions

By connecting to the www.mysterydayout.co.uk site, you undertake to respect these general user conditions set by the MIS Group, which it shall be free to modify at any time. Consequently, it is recommended that you refer to the latest version of the User Conditions regularly, which are available on the site at all times.
Without exception, when joining this Service you agree to accepting these general conditions beforehand, the purpose of which is to define the terms under which you benefit from the Service.
Your joining the Service and your active participation in our site is subject to adhering to these general conditions. You recognise that you have read these general conditions and hereby declare that you accept them unreservedly.
Participation in Mystery Day Out is free and is offered solely to people who are legally empowered to sign a contract. Are excluded from the participation:
- Associates and partners from the private company MIS Group
- Associates from all companies associate with MIS Group
- Associates and partners from the company which host the Mystery Day Out website
Provided the conditions set out hereinabove are adhered to, several people from the same household may take part in the Mystery Day Out Panel. Participants' membership is subject to Mystery Day Out receiving the full registration questionnaire, filled in by the participant on line. The sincerity and comprehensiveness of the responses are checked in all cases. Should there be any doubts, any confirmed or suspected fraud shall be grounds for automatically terminating the participant's membership.

Article 3 - The Membership's entry into force

The contract shall come into force as of the date when the following two conditions are fulfilled:
1. Receipt of this contract via the Internet along with the participant's acceptance, by the department co-ordinating the Mystery Day Out Panel,
2. Reception and validation by Mystery Day Out of the full recruitment questionnaire filled in by the participant.
From that date onwards, unless early termination is invoked, the participant shall be registered for an indeterminate period.

Article 4 - Your Participant Account

When signing up to the site, the participant shall select an ID and a password which can be freely parameterised. This ID username number and password are strictly personal and may not be transferred. Consequently, the participant alone is responsible for keeping his or her password and username ID secret. An interface on the Mystery Day Out site allows the participant to freely change his or her password, as well as various other details.
Should the participant forget his or her password, there is a procedure for sending it via e-mail so the participant can regain use of it. This procedure assumes that mention is made of the usernameID, and that the e-mail address provided by the participant when registering is used (or the new one provided in the event of an update).

Article 5 - Your E-mail Address

When registering, the participant is asked to provide a permanent e-mail address at which he or she can be contacted. An interface on the Mystery Day Out Panel community site allows the participant to freely change this address.
The latest address entered by the participant will be the one used by Mystery Day Out to inform contact the participant and to invite him or her to of the surveys if he or she has agreed to participate to the Mystery Day Out surveys program questionnaire(s) that should be answered and any updates to the service.
Consequently, the participant alone is responsible for updating the e-mail address at which he or she can be contacted. The firm Mystery Day Out may not be held liable for failures to forward questionnaires because addresses were missing or incorrect.
In particular, forgetting to update your e-mail address, or any other transmission fault related to an inadequate e-mail address, may not be invoked as grounds for justifying the repeated failure to respond to on-line questionnaires forwarded to the respondent.

Article 6 - The Participant's Commitments

The participant undertakes to respond to polls, the questionnaires, opinions surveys and tests submitted by Mystery Day Out both sincerely and objectively.
The participant warrants that they shall not register more than once on the Mystery Day Out community panel and accepts that multiple registrations on the Mystery Day Out Panel or Website is contrary to these Terms & Conditions of membership and will lead to membership termination. In case the participant has agreed to take part in online surveys provided by Mystery Day Out , The participant shall be informed either via an e-mail message, or when connecting to the site, of the questionnaires, polls, surveys or tests made available and which he or she can respond to.
No other form of notification shall be used. The participant must answer the polls, questionnaires by the deadline set for each survey. Beyond that deadline, Mystery Day Out will disregard the questionnaire. In certain cases, the respondent may be asked to answer within a short timeframe of a few days.
These studies are clearly identified by the survey close date in the e-mail message requesting a response to the questionnaire.
The participant undertakes to update the relevant information in his or her personal profile (age, marital status, line of work, level of income, etc.) using the interface available on the Mystery Day Out site, as well as in the event of any major changes (for example: marriage, career-related changes, birth of a child, etc.).
Updating this information is compulsory and Mystery Day Out reserves the right to check that such updating has been carried out by the panellist participant, with it being understood that the information is used (in accordance with the legislation in force) to forward the largest possible number of targeted studies concerning the panellist participant to him or her.
As a panel member you may be shown confidential information as part of the surveys you take. The surveys may contain, but are not limited to, media content, unique techniques, sketches, drawings, or new products. In order to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our clients' research, it is a condition of membership that you agree not to reveal any information contained in surveys, and do not copy or distribute any graphics or other content from the surveys. Please be advised that legal action may be taken in the event stolen material is traced back to you.

Article 7 - Content: Respect of Personal and Property Rights

The participant agrees to respect all applicable laws whilst using the forum and posting opinions on the Mystery Day Out website.
In addition the participant will conform to the following requirements, notably they commit to not diffusing any message or information whatever the format or nature which is:
- Contrary to public order,
- Of defamatory, injuring, racist, xenophobic character or which may harm the honour or reputation of another party,
- Inciting the discrimination or hate of a person or group of people due to their origins or belonging or non belonging to an ethnicity, nation, race or religion,
- Threatening a person or group of people,
- Of a pornographic or paedophilic character (notably any website sending directly or indirectly to any internet websites with a pornographic or paedophilic content will be excluded without warning),
- Inciting an offence, crime or act of terrorism to be committed or citing apologies for war crimes or crimes against humanity,
- Inciting suicide,
- Allowing third parties to directly or indirectly acquire pirated software, software series numbers, software allowing pirating and hacking of information technology or telecommunications systems, viruses and other logic bombs and in a general manner any software or tool infringing on the rights of others and the security of persons or property,
- Violating the private nature of any correspondence.

Article 8 - Payment Commitments

Only members resident in the UK will be invited to take part in our surveys, and our gifts and vouchers are therefore only available to UK residents.
In return for his or her sincere, active participation in each questionnaire, survey or test for the Mystery Day Out Panel, the participant will earn points each time that he participates in a market research. He shall accumulate non-transferable points that may be converted into gift vouchers or into donations for charities.

Article 9 - Termination Conditions

Mystery Day Out reserves the right to suspend or terminate this contract at any time without this limiting the provisions of Article 5 of this contract in any way.
In this event, rewards gained by the participant shall immediately be cancelled without prejudice to demands for any damages in his or her regard.
Mystery Day Out shall regularly check the consistency of participants' responses to the questionnaires, surveys and tests, in order to ensure their validity and quality. Thus, in the event of inaccurate or incoherent responses by the participant or response times deemed suspect (response times considered to be too long or too short), Mystery Day Out may automatically terminate this contract.
Mystery Day Out consequently reserves the right to terminate the contract for any participant who has not answered a single questionnaire during a 12 month period, assuming that the participant has of course accepted to participate when joining the community and had been solicited for such action during this time period. This termination shall bring about the cancellation of rewards without any compensation being owed to either party. Whether he or she is a minor or an adult, the participant may terminate this contract by informing the department co-ordinating the Mystery Day Out Panel. Termination of the membership contract should preferably be done via e-mail to the following address: contact@devenirclientmystere.com. However, any other form of termination may be used, with it being understood that the participant alone assumes responsibility for the consequences of termination notified via a letter.
In particular, Mystery Day Out may not be held liable for the loss of either registration data or reward details which may occur due to fraudulent termination carried out by any means other than a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.
Should a simple letter or e-mail message be sent, the word "Termination" as well as the ID and the password must be specified clearly in the message so that the request can be authenticated. Any initiative by the participant to terminate the contract, other than being unable to honour the clauses contained in this contract for reasons specifically listed (cf. the paragraph below), shall result in the cancellation of any unclaimed points on the participant's account.

Article 10 - Access to the Service

You personally shall ensure that the computer and telecommunications equipment required to gain access to the service are set up.
You are wholly responsible for any costs incurred for your internet connection. The access to our web site is totally free.
In light of the structure of the Internet, this guarantee may not be assumed to constitute an absolute guarantee in terms of availability and performance.

Article 11 - Ownership

The firm MIS Group owns the Mystery Day Out trademark.
Any representation and/or reproduction of this site or any of its elements either in part or in whole using any process whatsoever without express authorisation from the firm MIS Group is prohibited and would constitute pirating sanctioned by Article L. 335-2 and the following articles of the Intellectual Property Code.
You hereby undertake to respect the property rights held by the firm MIS Group and any third party.

Article 12 - Modifications to the General Conditions

MIS Group reserves the right to modify these general conditions. Any modifications to these Terms & Conditions will be communicated by Mystery Day Out to the email address provided by the participant. Mystery Day Out cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of any notification email. By reconnecting to the website or services, the Participant recognises that he or she accepts the general conditions as modified. Any use of the service after modifications to the general conditions have come into force shall constitute acceptance of the new general conditions for using the Service. The general conditions featured on line at the Mystery Day Out Web site shall take precedence over any earlier printed version.

Article 13 - Assignment of Jurisdiction


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